Networking Services

The network is at the core of every business’ technology infrastructure. At Radiance Systems, we have extensive experience in LAN/WAN networking technology. Our engineers set up and maintain various network topologies, from the small office switched network to the international fully-connected network. We deploy solutions utilizing firewalls, VPNs, routing and switching, monitoring, filtering and more. We are ready to help you get securely connected.

Clipart Image of a Firewall


Firewalls are the perimeter defense for networks. Before Internet traffic enters, perimeter firewalls follow a set of rules to determine what course of action to take with the incoming traffic. Enterprise firewalls have the ability to detect certain types of attacks and malicious traffic. Some of the features that these devices provide include:

  • Application Layer Inspection
  • Stateful Packet Inspection
  • Layer 2 “Bump in the Wire”
  • Intrusion Detection

VPN and Remote Access

VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology allows companies to leverage the connectivity of the Internet to securely transport data between locations and systems. VPNs are configured in hardware and/or software and offer a cost effective solution compared to dedicated circuits. At Radiance, we commonly implement VPNs for the following scenarios:

  • Branch Office to Corporate Office Secure Connectivity
  • Multi-site Full Mesh Networks
  • Trusted Business-to-Business Data Exchange
  • Remote Access for Mobile Users

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