API Experts

If you haven’t heard about API’s, you probably will soon.

API means Application Programming Interface, and in simple terms, it’s a way to move data between apps.

Radiance Systems has over a decade of experience working with APIs from major vendors like Amazon, Google and eBay. We work with Enterprise clients, Local and State Government. BUT we have also been hard at work integrating with smaller businesses and custom APIs. From HL7, 835/837 EDI interfaces in healthcare to Channel Advisor, Magento and Volusion in eCommerce, we have built hundreds of innovative solutions for clients in multiple industries over the years.

Technically – We use APIs to solve all kinds of complex data integration and interface issues to speed data flow, automate tasks, and ultimately, help our clients manage the shift to cloud apps and cloud computing.

Real Talk – Do you have two, three, four or more cloud systems and you can’t get the data where it needs to go, or to get the reports you need to answer new questions. Do you feel that if you could just integrate a few things you could save time and money. Call us, you have just discovered the type of solution we build.

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