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Enlighten BI is an on premise (virtual or physical appliance) or cloud based analytics platform that enables a company to Consolidate, Analyze, and Collaborate on the web with the power of modern day Enterprise Business Intelligence. Make critical decisions with confidence, at a fraction of the enterprise price!

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The Enlighten BI system gathers data from various sources (Operational and Financial Systems, Payroll & HR Systems, Excel Files, Outcomes, etc.) and presents it to the user through a collaborative, intuitive and easy to use web portal. Best practice methods with industry leading technologies make this a robust tool that sheds light on your business data and helps your business succeed. We extract and transform your data to match your business taxonomy and processes, allowing you to get questions answered in terms that your company executives and operational leaders understand.

  • Web Dashboards with Key Performance Indicators
  • Web Reporting with Drill through and Drill Down Capabilities
  • Ad hoc Reporting for Data Analysis
  • Business Specific Taxonomy Users Understand
  • Cloud Based Infrastructure – No Hardware or Software to Buy
  • Microsoft® and Amazon® Technologies for Unmatched Stability

Reporting vs. BI

With traditional operational reporting, you get static data. You run a report, with some filters, and it gets you a single output, based on how it was made. This works until that report doesn’t answer a question that is critical to the business, or you need a new filter that wasn’t on the original report.

Due to changes in compliance , billing and coding, and other advance in healthcare, new questions and decisions are in constant demand. Enlighten allows you to interact with the data so you can make the decisions your business needs to succeed.

  • Traditional operational reporting provides transaction level details and at best, a moderate level of aggregation on the transactions.
  • Analytics allows you to examine trends over time instantly, from year to year performance by location or region. To time of day reporting on patient flow.
  • Analytics tools enable comparison of data from multiple sources, such as hourly wage rates compared to hourly charges.

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